Wendy Csoka may be new to art Licensing but she is not new to the art world. An accomplished painter, Wendy has enjoyed broad recognition for her work. 

At Surtex 2014, on the last afternoon of the show, a tall man with a graying mustache wandered into my booth. Frank Csoka is an assistant professor in the Communication Design Dept. at FIT in NYC and he was attending Surtex to explore the potential of Art-Licensing for his wife Wendy’s artwork. After reviewing many booths, he hadn’t seen anything that he felt could be a good fit for Wendy’s art. As he later told me, “I felt the work in your booth was unique and could be well suited to my wife’s art.” He took a look around and we started talking. Hearing of his mission, I explained that I had my hands full and wasn’t interested in expanding my Artist Roster. I was touched by his story however, so I invited Frank to sit down and share Wendy’s portfolio with me. 

It didn’t take long before I realized that her work was something special. Frank invited me out to Sea Cliff on Long Island the next day to meet Wendy and go to their warehouse to view her paintings. Stacked in slots from floor to ceiling were over 300 paintings, most measuring 8x4 feet.  Wendy works large!

ABOUT WENDY: Wendy Csoka is as lovely as her artwork. Admittedly feminine, she makes no apologies. Drenched in all the colors of a rainbow, Wendy expresses her innermost thoughts and emotion through her paintings. Powerful yet tender, with a deep appreciation and love for all living things, Wendy is a free spirit and it shows in her work. Certain persistent themes reverberate throughout Wendy’s art and in many cases, between people and animals. Wendy believes that all of life is connected and finds that animals are a great source of comfort, strength and love. They are some of life’s most amazing teachers.

I have selected a few of Wendy’s paintings for your viewing pleasure along with several examples of how we are translating elements from her paintings into a wide variety of surface design now available for licensing. From the nursery to table top, wall art, puzzles, bath, bedding and more, Wendy has a style that is uniquely her own.  Enjoy!

For more about Wendy and her impressive career please visit her website or simply google… The Art of Wendy Csoka.